Sunday, January 26, 2020

Forests of the Forgotten - Random Encounters

d20 Random Encounters in the Forests of the Forgotten
  1. A tall woman dressed in feathers with a silver mask. She has a bag full of vials of water dyed different colours that she tricks people into thinking are potions so she can sell them.
  2. A fox wearing a hat. Due to faerie magic that's been woven into the fabric of the hat, he appears to most people as a handsome young man. He charms lone travellers and lures them into his den  so he can eat them. Wearing the hat as a human makes you look like a handsome young fox.
  3. A travelling folk band of 1d6+2 skeletons. Their melodies are at once comforting yet sinister.
  4. A talking cat. At first wary of the pilgrims, but warms up quickly when offered food, petting or especially catnip.
  5. A determined yet ineffectual matchmaker, comforting their lovelorn friend. The matchmaker will attempt to set their friend up with at least one of the pilgrims.
  6. A devil from the pits of hell, looking for a soul to steal.
  7. A group of lost travellers gathered around a campfire, telling stories from long, long ago. If approached, they will insist you sit with them and share your own stories.
  8. A bored faerie, looking for some humans to meddle with.
  9. 1d3+1 trolls caught in a furious argument over the best way to prepare and eat human flesh.
  10. A magic fountain. Drinking from it will trigger a roll on the below table. Tossing a coin in before you drink allows you to roll twice and choose the better result.
    1d6 Fountain Effects
    1. You turn into a newt, insect, mouse or other small animal of the GM's choosing.
    2. You fall into a deep, deep sleep.
    3. You begin to see things that aren't really there.
    4. You learn a new language of the GM's choosing.
    5. The fountain gives you a gift - perhaps a sack of coins from a far-off land or a salve that soothes the heart's pain. It floats to the top of the water.
    6. The fountain tells you a secret, whispering it from inside of you.
  11. An old man carrying a strange metal implement. The implement is an eyeball plucker. The old man seeks to steal the Pilgrim's eyeballs and sell them to a necromancer.
  12. A lost child who wandered off into the woods and ended up in the Forests of the Forgotten.
  13. Vines that tangle around one of the Pilgrims and begin to drag them into a dark pit in the ground.
  14.  A merchant with a wagon selling a variety of strange items she's found at the bottom of lakes.
  15. A talking snake carrying papers in its teeth, who will try to get the Pilgrims to sign a contract.
  16. A bumbling detective on the case for a missing pair of silk slippers.
  17. Spirits that take the form of floating orbs of light, seeking to draw the Pilgrims deeper into a dangerous part of the Forests. 
  18. A talking swarm of bees gathered around it's hive. (Note: it is the swarm itself that talks, not any of the individual bees) The swarm is good-natured and very polite and will offer some of it's fine honey in return for rare flowers.
  19. A family of rabbits gathered around for a picnic, complete with a wickerwork basket, blanket,  watercress sandwiches and toffee. Note: they are normal rabbits and as of such cannot talk, at least not in any human language.
  20. A twelve year old child with a sharpened stick and telescope pretending to be an Intrepid Adventurer. The child's pockets contain a pocketknife, crude map of the surrounding woods, a pack of playing cards with 2d6 cards missing, a broken pencil, a lucky copper coin, five pieces of toffee and and 1d8+4 marbles.