Sunday, January 19, 2020

New B/X Class: The Bushranger

Ned Kelly is arguably Australia's single most iconic historical figure, appealing to Australian ideals of rebelling against authority, wearing sick amour and freeing people of their debts by burning the records of them in banks he robbed. Now you can play as your own iconic Australian bushranger. This class is mostly based off of Ned Kelly, but feel free to look into and be inspired by the many other bushrangers from Australia's early days including example, example and example.

The Bushranger

Level progression: As cleric.
Saves: As thief.
To hit/attack progression: As fighter.
Gear: Bushrangers have no restrictions to amour or weaponry.
Starting Equipment: Instead of rolling 3d6 coins and buying gear, or whatever the GM's perfered default method is, bushrangers start with a gun (2 hands, ranged weapon, 2d8 damage) with 1d4 bullets, their broken shackles and 1d6 gold pieces.

Class Abilities

Level 1: Den.
After countless weeks wandering through the bush you found a place to make camp - your den. Your den is in a secret location the authorities and rival gangs don’t know about and is a safe place to rest, store loot and otherwise. If your den is discovered it takes 1d12 days of wandering through the bush for you to find a suitable location for a new den.

Level 2: Handmade Armour.
You have managed to make your own makeshift suit of amour out of whatever scrap metal you have access to. This suit of amour gives you the benefits of wearing plate amour, as well as all the disadvantages, and the additional disadvantage of lowering your Dexterity by 1 while wearing it due to it's clumsy construction. If you are hit while wearing your handmade amour, you can have the amour absorb the hit. When you this, your suit of amour falls apart and is once again a pile of scrap metal, now to damaged to make a usable suit of amour out of. When you have a pile of scrap metal and tools you can spend a day focusing on making a new suit of amour and make a replacement for your destroyed suit of amour. If you make such a suit of amour out of enchanted or otherwise special metal, the resulting amour should have some special feature, as negotiated with the GM.
Ned Kelly's amour

Level 3: Commanding Presence.
Your fierce reputation inspires and terrifies in equal measure. While you are present, the party’s henchmen and retainers have +1 morale and its foes have -1 morale. 

Level 5: Beacon to the Bolters.
Well known in the colonies as a bolter success story, 1d6+1 convicts have bolted from their colony to form a gang under your leadership. Every time you level up, an additional 1d4 convicts bolt and join your gang. Each of these bolters are your henchmen. When they join you, they are level 1 bushrangers, and they level up each time you do. When a gang member reaches level 5 they leave you to start their own gang.

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